This invigorating treatment is the ideal antidote to tired, dehydrated skin. First, enjoy a luxurious rinse with a green tea and coconut milk wash and an exfoliating Shea butter scrub. Next, your freshly cleansed complexion will be treated to a raw honey, yogurt and oats face mask designed to soothe and clarify. Wash it down with a peak-antioxidant wine-infused serum proven to reduce pore size and fine lines, before the Three Milks Ageless Moisturizer provides the perfect hydration backed with wrinkle-performance peptides that feel instantly firming.


Skin is enveloped in steaming towels, dripping in buttery whole milk. Next, you're gently whipped into a Shea sugar lather that micro polishes until radiant skin awakes. Next, a thick velvety whip of honey and oat-infused yogurt and soothing white clay is painted on as you're wrapped in a warm cocoon of blankets and active yogurt cultures help purify your pores, hydrating and tightening the surface. A rich, citrus-vanilla shea butter application will coax you awake. 


This decadent pedicure begins with a cocktail, and a dream dip in buttery wholesome whole milk with a kiss of blueberry. Whipped Honey fine sea salt scrub smooths rough areas, stimulating your skin's renewal. Next, feet and toes are painted with a hot honey hydrating glaze full of live papaya and pineapple fruit cells, and soothing aloe. Steamed towels wrap and cocoon your legs as your skin drinks in the nutrients. The sweet finale to this divine experience includes a light massage with Sweet Cream Body Milk, a rich blend of Sweet Almond, Jojoba, Avocado and Sesame Seed Oils.