It's A Great Time To Enjoy The Sun 


Allow the noise to melt away as your hand & feet soak in a honey magnolia sparkling bath. A pineapple-coconut sugar scrub is both intoxicating and rewarding as the fragrant notes of the tropics envelop you. Finally, prepare to be glazed - honey glazed that is - with a vitamin-packed honey and papaya serum that adds extra glow to your already fabulous legs. A mango-melon shea butter massage seals in a dewy finish. Let's glow!  $90.00


To begin, your feet will relish in a Citrine Beach Milk Bath Soak while visions of palm trees dance in your head! You’ll think you’re dreaming, but perhaps you’ve found your own secret oasis. Or maybe it’s all those Bellinis talking. A tangy and succulent grapefruit extract scrub then envelops your feet as you succumb to its juicy sweetness. To finish, a heavenly Rainbow Road Shea Butter Cream leg massage not only moisturizes your skin but will leave you feeling like a citrine tropical queen. $45


Clear your calendar and your skin as a Clementine antioxidant-rich oil nourishes skin, removing impurities, and sets the tone to an island facial escape. There is no better way to One Fine Day then with this whipped Shea Butter face polish with hints of grapefruit and citrus oils. An exfoliating blend of natural mango butter, extracts, rice powder and poppy seeds will gently exfoliate and rejuvenate, while a peptide-enhanced The Milk Moisturizer and Crow Catcher Transforming Eye Serum provides the grand finale to this velvety smooth facial.  $50.00 


Begin with a hot towels soaked in Clementine made with ripe orange and antioxidant-rich olive fruit oils - it smells so devilishly delicious you’ll be tempted to take a sip. Skin is then thoroughly smoothed and polished with a whipped Sweet Tea Shea Butter Scrub with juicy notes of peaches and ginger. A Prickly Pear Cactus Toning Wrap warms on skin, tightening and toning the look of surface texture. This treatment would not be complete without relishing in the splendor of a massage with Quinsyberry Botanical Body Oil – a glistening, berry delightful oil that helps replenish your skin’s softness while bringing out its best glow. $180


Get prepped, primed and primped for the ultimate sun-bathing vacation. Dip into a bubbly sparkling clementine-scented soaked hot towels while all your rough spots are smoothed with a refreshing citrus grass salt scrub. Your now-radiant skin will drink up a vitamin E-rich, fruity mango-melon shea butter cream. Here comes the sun! $60


Feel the hot towels that have been soaked in an exotic sea salt soak blend with rosemary and organic mint tea, and celebrate the happiest of hours! Follow up with a succulent vodka and raspberry extract polish that will tempt you to ask for another round. Finally, a heavenly massage with cucumber and melon scented body milk lotion will top you off. Cheers! $125